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Common Kitchen Design Styles

Kitchens are often the center of our everyday life and during special occasions, as they often serve two roles as family rooms, media centers, and offices. They have to be functional and aesthetically appealing. So, when remodeling a kitchen, choosing a kitchen style is a crucial kitchen design decision. To help you create the ideal kitchen for you, here are some kitchen styles from Kitchen Design Lansing you can choose for your new kitchen.


The modern kitchen is known for its sleek, sexy, and sophisticated look, and it is designed to keep clutter, adornment, and accouterment minimum. High-tech materials are the center of modern kitchens and usually include luxurious exotic materials. Luxury is standard throughout the modern kitchen; classic and modern pieces are consistent with high quality and easy to construct with clean lines and classic silhouettes for an enduring elegance and upscale feel.


that many homeowners opted for. It is known for its modern and minimalist components, and it is a mixture of old and new and casual but polished elements for a sleek look. Contemporary kitchen designs are often incorporated with bold color, smart appliances, open-shelving, mixed metals, and a multi-user layout.


Traditional kitchens usually include more decorative and detailed features, such as appliques, moldings, raised panel doors, and corbels. Sometimes, traditional kitchens can be more formal as they are common in colonial, old world, and French countries. This kitchen style often displays the natural beauty of the wood cabinetry, and it is the ideal backdrop for a family, friends, and holiday-centered life.


If you live at the beach or you want to have a summer vibe in your kitchen space, you will love the cool shades of blue, green, and white paired with thematically appropriate accents like wicker, seagrass, and sand that create a vacation-time mood, which is fun, relaxing, and inspiring.

Coastal kitchens are easy to care for because of fabrics and flooring designed to withstand wet bathing suits. And everyone will have the let’s-get-to-the-beach mode early and bright because of window treatments that allow maximum sunlight.

Country Farmhouse

Country farmhouse kitchens are known for their open and inviting atmosphere, which allows you to enjoy the feeling of a weekend getaway right in the comfort of your home. It offers a uniquely intimate, cozy atmosphere and looks. Vintage door knobs and pulls, delicate china sets, woven baskets, hand-painted dishes, and other very character details are often included in a country farmhouse kitchen.

Your chosen kitchen style speaks a lot about your personality and lifestyle; so, choose a style that perfectly matches your preference. Kitchen Design Lansing will guide you in creating the perfect kitchen design that matches your preference, lifestyle, and needs. To know more about kitchen styles and design, get in touch with Kitchen Design Lansing, and we will show you more kitchen styles you may choose from.

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